ATC 2016

New concepts of computing have recently emerged in order to enhance both real and virtual worlds towards smart worlds as well as cyber-physical-social-thinking integrated hyper worlds. Accordingly, computing systems are growing in capability and complexity. This includes aspects related to hardware, software, communications, networks, platforms, services, etc. Advanced computing (AC) aims at discovering, developing, and deploying computational and networking capabilities as well as designing and developing novel computing systems and architectures. At the same time, computing must be trustworthy to engender confidence that systems will remain secure and available. Trust/distrust relationships in the Internet, Web applications and pervasive infrastructures are key factors to enable dynamic interaction and cooperation of various users, systems, and services. Trusted Computing (TC) aims at making computing and communication systems and services available, predictable, accountable, controllable, assessable, sustainable, dependable, persistent and secure.

ATC conferences have taken a leading role addressing these challenges in achieving practical advanced computing systems with truly trustworthy services. Started in 2005, the succesful series of ATC conferences have been held as ATC 2015 Beijing China.  ATC 2014 Bali Indonesia, ATC 2013 Vietri sul Mare Italy, ATC 2012 Fukuoka Japan, ATC 2011 Banff Canada,  ATC 2010 Xi’An China, ATC 2009 Brisbane Australia, ATC 2008  Oslo Norway, ATC 2007 Hong Kong China, ATC 2006 Wuhan China,...

ATC 2016 will include a highly selective program of technical papers, accompanied by workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. Established as a premier venue in the area of advanced and trusted computing, ATC 2016 will offer a forum for researchers to exchange ideas and experiences in the most innovative research and development in these challenging areas and include all technical aspects related to advanced computing (AC) and trusted computing (TC). 

 The 13th IEEE International Conference on Advanced and Trusted Computing will be associated this year with five IEEE international Conferences and their workshops:
- the 13th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing;
- the 16th IEEE International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications;
- the IEEE International Conference on Cloud and Big Data Computing;
- the IEEE International Conference on Internet of People;
- the IEEE Smart World Congress.




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